Are you suffering with overwhelming feelings that you're not able to resolve alone?

Are your relationships troubling or disappointing?

Are you grieving painful losses and need help recovering?

Ready to try a new approach with EMDR?

Entering therapy is a courageous first step towards making meaningful changes in your life. As an experienced therapist I work with straight and gay, individuals and couples, to address your present concerns and symptoms, along with long standing problems that interfere with your happiness.

Collaboratively we explore the impact of your early history on your present day relationship dynamics, and unique ways of being in the world.  Our conversations cultivate self reflection and self awareness with the intention of expanding your thinking so you can see broader options.  Exploring your feelings, beliefs, wishes, and experiences, organically brings increased mindfulness and healthier behaviors, so you can accomplish your goals and reach your full potential. Challenging and dispelling self limiting beliefs gives you the opportunity to shape your life to your liking with greater confidence and self esteem.  This leads to more adaptive coping and creative problem solving to meet life's inevitable stresses, complications, and losses.

Since change is inevitable why not steer it's course in a positive direction for self actualization?  Effective therapy shifts that archaic internal dialogue so you have the freedom to find fulfillment in your career and relationships.  Since the research cites the "goodness of fit" as an essential factor for successful therapy, I invite you to a free telephone consultation to see if you would be comfortable  working together. It is an honor and a privilege to share your journe

Common Concerns 

  • People suffering with anxiety, fears, panic and worry.
  • People who are struggling with depression and hopelessness. 
  • Couples who need help resolving relationship conflicts for a more loving connection. 
  • Individuals who want to find their ideal partner.
  • People who are coping with the end of a relationship, or divorce, and need to restructure their lives.
  • Women and couples who have suffered a pregnancy loss.
  • Adult Children of Alcoholics.
  • Creative and corporate professionals with creativity blocks and performance anxiety. 
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